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Our Favourite Desert Island Hairstyles

One of our favourite pastimes every summer is tuning into Love Island to get a little hair inspo for our holidays. From beachy waves to cute curls, we can’t get enough of the girls’ simple, easy-to-achieve ‘desert island’ hairstyles. Read on to find out our faves and how you can make sure your holiday hair is more Love Island and less Bird’s Nest Beach.

High Pony

Arabella turned a few heads when she showed up in the garden, but it’s her sleek-looking high pony that caught our eye during the kissing challenge!

A high pony is a fab desert island hairstyle because it’s completely low-maintenance and easy to style. It’ll keep your hair off your face and neck on those long, hot summer days and can be adapted to suit any hair type. Plus, a high pony never fails to look chic and sophisticated.

Beachy Waves

Lovely Lucie has been the talk of the island this year with her always effortless-looking beachy waves. This hairstyle is desert island-ready because it literally looks like you’ve spent all day lounging by the ocean! It also looks even better on hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days. Ideal if you’re trying not to dry out your locks with overwashing this summer.


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Low-maintenance beach goddesses can simply take a dip in the sea and let hair dry naturally, but if you like a bit more control over your tresses, opt for a texturising spray and a blow out with a diffuser.

Top Knot

We can’t be the only ones to admire Molly-Mae’s impressive topknot, can we? The perfect ‘do’ for hopping in the hottub or lounging on the beach, a topknot is super easy to achieve and can be popped up in just a few seconds. Topknots are especially great for tidying away tresses that are feeling a little frazzled by the sun.

Molly-Mae achieves her eye-catching topknot with hair extensions, but you can invest in a bun-boosting hair doughnut if you want to add a little va-va-voom to yours.

Natural Curls

What better way to adjust to desert island life than by going au naturel? We particularly love Amber’s natural curls this year — they’re cute, flirty, and look fantastic whether you’re in a bikini or a beach dress.


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For an extra summery vibe, take inspiration from Amber and ask your stylist to run a few delicate highlights through your hair. Instant sunkissed perfection!

The Best Desert Island Hair Products

So you’re stuck on a desert island and you can only take one hair product with you?

Make sure it’s one of these…

  • Hairspray – Our number one choice for a desert island hair product would have to be hairspray because it’s so versatile. From volumising hair limp from too much chlorine to smoothing beachy waves, hairspray is the can that can.


  • Frizz Remedy – If your mane really struggles with humidity, you might need something a bit more robust than hairspray. Anti-frizz serums are specially designed to help out humidity-hating hair, so pop one in your suitcase to guarantee glossy locks.


  • Smoothing Conditioner – From sea salt to air con, our hair can undergo some serious drying out in summer. Make sure you protect it with a smoothing conditioner to keep hair hydrated and prevent too much damage.


  • Heat Protection Spray – We love the heat in summer but our tresses surely don’t. Whether it’s heat from the sun or from your styling tools, high temperatures can leave hair broken and brittle, so always spritz on some heat protection spray first.

If you’re looking forward to your own lovely island holiday soon, and you need more tips on hair care or a brand new summer style, don’t forget to contact us or book an appointment today.