Posted on 15th May 2019

Academy Salons: 2019 Collection

Looking back on the past 12 months at Academy Salons, it’s safe to say we’ve been on quite the journey. From new faces joining the teams at our salons across Surrey, to new awards now taking pride of place on our shelves, we’ve taken massive strides to strengthen our team, our creativity and our capabilities.

Our Latest Collection

Reflecting on our successes left us feeling inspired to say the least, so we began by looking back on fashion and hair trends throughout history; observing how a lot of these trends have now seeped back into the mainstream.

Fashion, whether that’s hairstyles or clothing, has become a timeless constant. Looks that our parents and grandparents were rocking 30, 40 and even 50 years ago have weaved their way back into high fashion runways, high street clothing stores and salons across the UK, all with a modern twist. We even had the team dust off old family photo albums to combine vintage looks with the latest trends!

As a result, we are incredibly excited to present to you the latest Academy collection – Reflection.

The Inspiration

Aside from our research, and the inspiration of fashion trends from the past, part of the inspiration for our latest collection also came from alternative definitions of the word ‘reflection’.


Noun; The act of reflecting; casting back light.

This definition helped us to capture perfectly what we wanted to achieve with the photography – ensuring that the power of the flash was able to highlight the undertones and depths of colour, and show the structures within the hair. For the shoot, we were delighted to welcome back photographer Desmond Murray, whose skills behind the lens captured this creative direction perfectly – drawing out the visual contrast and raw emotion from our collections models.

For styling, we incorporated chop stick, curling, crimping and sleeking throughout the whole collection. We decided to use these various techniques as it brought back to life some of the more old school styles, and we felt these methods enhanced the looks within the collection. The hairstyles of yesteryear are difficult to pull off, both in creation and wearing, but our talented team recreated them without a strand out of place.

We are so proud of the stylists involved on the 2019 Collection, including Sade Mackinnon, Coral Nixey, Talia Smith and Shanelle Beasley. The team has developed a gorgeous series of inspired, avant-garde styles. The only question left is…which style will you be choosing when you next book an appointment with us?

To find out more and book an appointment at one of our salons today, head to our Salons page.

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