Posted on 1st March 2022

Getting to know…Kirsty, Salon Principal, Weybridge

Why do you love working for Academy Salons?

I love working for academy salons simply because there are so many opportunities for you to grow as a hairdresser. Wether that be in team leading, learning more course and becoming an educator or working for the creative team. The possibilities are endless with academy salons.


Do you have a specialism with Academy Salons? What would customers book in with you for?

I would say I specialise in colours like balayage and also with a short bob. I love having someone with super thick hair come into the salon as I love being able to tame it and show them how to style themselves.


If you had to give a top hair/beauty tip what would it be?


What’s your favourite hair colour at the moment?

My favourite colours at the moment are definitely soft face framing / baby lights. It gives a beautiful soft natural look that is easily maintainable for the client.


Who’s hair would you love to have?

There are a few peoples hair that would love to have at the moment. But I am loving Michelle keegans she has the beautiful soft tones running through a darker base and look beautiful and natural.


Who are your top 3 recommended people to follow right now?

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