Posted on 24th March 2022

Getting to know…Sarah, Salon Manager, Esher

Why do you love working for Academy Salons?

The reason I love working for Academy Salons is because I have been given many opportunities throughout my ten years of working for the company! I started as an assistant and was able to complete my NVQ level 2 and 3. Shortly after that I was able to do my assessors course, go on photoshoots, catwalks behind the scenes as a stylist. I then became a manager of one of our branches and Academy have provided me with support and care and I now have a lovely team of my own that I manage and teach and I love it! I consider Academy Salons as my family.

Do you have a specialism with Academy Salons? What would customers book in with you for?

I love doing all hair and having a variety of things booked in with me in a day. But in our particular branch I am the only one that does gents, hair up, perming and hair extensions alongside al other services. Academy Salons put me on a course once to teach for Balmain hair extensions which gave me the ability to feel confident with teaching others extensions and able to advise people!

If you had to give a top hair/beauty tip what would it be?

What’s your favourite style at the moment? Is there a style/trend that you’re being asked for?

Balayage, root melts and baby lights with a nice wavy blowdry after seems to be the most popular colour and style at the moment as it is  a low maintenance style to keep Also now people are going back on holiday a Kerastraight blowdry is extremely popular to help with the condition of peoples hair and the frizz!

What’s your favourite hair colour at the moment?

I love doing blondes as you can do so much to give them a different look and dimension to the hair ! There are also many different shades and tones to blondes that you can play around with.

Who’s hair would you love to have?

Sam Faires from the mummy diaries. Her hair is classy, beautiful condition with a soft colour that suits most skin tones! It looks so nice after a blowdry.

Who are your top 3 recommended people to follow right now?

⁃             Emily rose hair

⁃             Daisy Goordr

⁃             AcademySalonsEsher

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