Posted on 29th August 2023

Getting to know…Zoe, Salon Manager, Weybridge

Why do you love working for Academy Salons?

I love working for Academy Salons as you get clear goals, targets and support to achieve them. As well as having work goals and support, personal goals are also as important. Working as part of a team in a busy salon who are proud of the work they send out.

If you had to give a top hair/beauty tip what would it be?

Top hair tip always dry your hair!! Even a rough dry will do!! It’s science your hair holds water, it’s at most vulnerable the longer it has water the longer the cuticle is open like a stretchy pair of jeans the more you stretch the less it will return to normal dry your hair get it glossier and healthy.

What’s your favourite style at the moment? Is there a style/trend that you’re being asked for?

I love a Bob!!! I thinks there is a Bob for everyone sleek, textured, short, long, angled, straight, blunt, layered the options are endless…

What’s your favourite hair colour at the moment?

Favourite hair colours at the moment soft coppers and multi tone warm browns.

Who’s hair would you love to have?

I would love to have Zendaya I love a curl.

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