Posted on 12th December 2018

Hair and Beauty Trends for 2019

rom glass hair to festival-ready mermaid locks, 2018 has seen some pretty innovative styles that we’ve had a whole lot of fun creating! But, with a new year on the horizon, we can’t help but get excited for what 2019 has in store for our manes and faces. We’ve delved deep into the Spring/Summer 2019 catwalks to unveil all the biggest hair and beauty trends for the new year.



You might have heard of microblading, but have you heard of microbraiding? Microbraids are tiny, thin braids that can be worn along the parting or woven throughout the hair and can be as pretty and delicate or edgy as you like. Expect to see this look at every 2019 festival.

Unnatural Tones

Good news for rainbow fans: hair colouring is going to be bigger than ever next year. From Copper Velvet – a rich, tonal hue featuring bright copper highlights and dark black lowlights – to brunette dos with colourful tips and Pop Art-inspired all-over colour, anything goes in 2019

Lo-Ma Bangs

Low maintenance is a huge buzzword for 2019 hair and beauty. In that vein, blunt bangs are out and long, easily-styled fringes are in. Think late sixties, early seventies eyebrow-sweeping styles that can be worn straight down, parted or brushed to one side. This look is as versatile as it is pretty

One-Length Beauty

Glossy, healthy locks will be on everyone’s wish list in 2019. The secret to this look is keeping your hair as natural as possible and ditching layers and colouring in favour of an extra-long, one-length mane that shines with vitality. A conditioning treatment at your salon should get you on track

Messy, Structured Buns

Top knots are always a favourite for hot summer weather, but 2019’s bun takes on a bit more of a considered style with structured looping, texture, and accessories to introduce a bit more glam to an old staple. Add braids, headbands or metal ponytail covers – creativity is key.


Glossy Glow

Much like hair, 2019 beauty is all about radiant health. SS19 catwalks were rife with models rocking a bare-faced look, with stylists instructed to achieve a ‘fresh from a facial’ makeup. You can try to mimic this with makeup or you could just take the easy route and book in for a regular facial!

Sheer Elegance

2019’s manicures are toeing the line by sticking to the natural, fresh vibes we’re seeing across hair and beauty. Rather than the clear gloss that was popular in 2018 though, sheer shades will be huge next year – think glossy pinks, healthy-looking nudes and pretty pastels.

Refreshing Romance

If you find the bare-faced look a bit boring, you can upgrade the look with romance-inspired blush colours, smudged or berry-stained lips and long fluttery eyelashes. A two-in-one lip and cheek stain is 2019’s MVP! Go for a ‘fresh from running through a mountain meadow’ vibe and you’ll have this look down.

Bold Red and Bright Yellow

For those of you who simply can’t bear the idea of going without a pop of colour in your makeup routine, Spring Summer 2019 catwalk makeup did feature some bold brights. From French red lips to neon yellow eye makeup, bold can be beautiful as long as you keep it limited to one feature at a time. 

Natural and Clean

Whether you’re talking about makeup or skincare, there’s one overriding trend that’s going to be everywhere next year. As beauty buyers become ever more aware of their environmental responsibility, the demand is growing for nature-inspired products free from nasty chemicals that haven’t been tested on animals. Long live clean beauty!

Have any of these styles caught your eye? Book an appointment now to get that New Year look rocking!

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