Posted on 14th January 2019

Hairstyles to Suit Different Face Shapes

The new year is upon us, and it’s usually the time when most of us are thinking about changing up our look. If you’ve been tempted to go for a whole new hairstyle for the new year but feel a little daunted by the choice, a great place to start is your face shape.

Whether your face is heart-shaped, oval, long or round, we’ve found the perfect hairstyles for you, as well as a little guide on identifying your face shape if you’re not sure.

What’s my face shape?

Determining your face shape can be as easy as just looking in the mirror! If you’re really struggling to judge though, grab a tape measure and note down the following:

If your…

What hairstyles suit my face shape?

Square – Square-shaped faces often feature a very strong jawline, so it’s up to you whether you want to celebrate or soften this. Long, wavy styles are great for softening and lengthening a short, angular face while a choppy bob is great for celebrating your enviable bone structure.

Rectangle – Much like square-shaped faces, rectangular faces can appear sharp. Soft layers will work just as well on rectangle-shaped faces while a rounded fringe can help reduce the appearance of face length.

Diamond – Diamond-shaped faces are widest at the cheekbones so can benefit from a cut that is fuller around the jawline such as an angular bob or a shoulder-length cut with layers that begin around the chin. 

Heart – Heart-shaped faces are widest around the forehead, making them the perfect face shape for pulling off a fashionable new fringe. Layers that begin around the jawline will also help to balance out your face.           

Triangle – Triangle-shaped faces are heavy around the jawline and require a cut that will balance the top of the face with the bottom. This face shape is perfect for pulling off a trendy pixie cut or a super-short, wispy or side-swept fringe. 

Round – Round faces benefit from any cut that brings shape and angle to the bone structure. Think short, angular bobs, rock chick layers and side-fringes that break up the softness of your face.

Oval – Lucky oval-shaped faces can pull off pretty much any style due to their well-balanced proportions. This is a great excuse to go for some of 2019’s more daring styles such as a punky crop or a long, one-length seventies style cut.

Of course, choosing your new look is all about your personal taste, and sometimes rules are there to be broken! If you’ve spotted something you’d like to try or would like more advice on a style to complement your face shape, book an appointment with one of our expert stylists today.

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