Posted on 4th September 2018

How to Repair Summer Hair

As summer draws to a close, we’re all about positive thinking – so instead of mourning the loss of sun, we’re getting extra excited for all those pumpkin spiced lattes, cosy knits and new season lewks. In fact, the only thing that can get us down is looking in the mirror and seeing all the damage a summer of fun has wreaked on our hair.

Still, we’re not too worried because we know just how to repair that damage and get our locks looking luscious in time for autumn – and we’re going to share all our secrets with you.

Why is summer so bad for my hair?

While the summer sun and sea is great for your skin, it’s unfortunately not so beneficial for your locks. Salt water in particular is pretty effective at leaching moisture from your hair, which is what gives you those brilliant beachy waves. However, it can also leave your hair feeling dry, brittle and straw-like after too long in the water.

Things aren’t much better poolside either; the chlorine that’s used to keep swimming pools clean strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils, leaving it looking flyaway, dry and dull. Over exposure to sunshine can have a similar effect, with UVA and UVB rays damaging the cuticle – or outside layer of your hair strand – and leaving it broken or split.

Top tips for repairing summer damage

If your hair is feeling dry and brittle after the long, hot summer, don’t panic. Here are a few things to try to quench those thirsty locks:

Hopefully that’s got you well on your way to restoring your smooth and luscious locks in time for autumn. However, if you need a little extra help to sort out your sun-damaged hair, why not book an appointment with Academy today? Our professional stylists can advise you on the best conditioning treatments to mend your mane as well as giving you the lowdown on the best styles for the new season.

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