Posted on 12th November 2017

Party Perfect Hair for Christmas

With Christmas party season just around the corner the team at Academy Salons have been looking at ways to create party perfect styles that enhance your visit to the salon. We have been speaking with Amy O’Halleran at Hersham salon who shares two of her favourite go-to styles that are guaranteed to impress at any event over the festive season and are very easy to create.

The Elongated Ponytail is perfect for anyone with shoulder length hair and creates an illusion of hair being longer than it is because when finished the hair is the same length as when the hair is down, and no added hair or extensions required for this style either! We start by curling the hair and then sectioning the head ear-to-ear, I recommend clipping the top out of the way while you do this. At this stage apply Flex Spray Hairspray by Living Proof before starting to backcomb.


Begin to backcomb at the roots underneath the ponytail. Take your time over this as it can need some attention to get the lift just right. Push away from the head to create that all important volume then move on to backcombing all the root area on the top section. Now comb the sides back into the ponytail leaving the top section for the moment and concentrating on getting all the hair back to create a fabulous pony full of lift. Now take half the top section and backcomb to add that all important volume, then cross the hair over the ponytail and pin in. Style the front as desired; some examples could be sleek back, fringe down, messy, textured or smooth and finish with Colour Hold Shine Top Coat by Alterna.

If you are looking for a sophisticated look the Pleat with a Twist is simple, sleek and effective. It is suitable for all hair types and especially effective with highlighted hair where the sides scraped back will show off the textures and colours.

Start with curling the hair and then section the front out and the ears forward. Now move on to the back section and hold into a low ponytail, then twist up the back of the head and pin into place.  Moving back to the front section simply scrape back, create a chic plait or choose an elegant twist. With the curls at the crown you can style as desired, either go big or keep them tight to the head. With the front of the style you can either leave as a simple and elegant fringe or to create some drama style it into a quiff with as much lift as you dare. Spray with Anti Humidity Spray by Alterna in the Bamboo range to take care of those nuisance fly-away hairs and keeping the style smooth and sleek and finish with Caviar Infinite Colour Hold Shine Top Coat.

Enjoy the Christmas Season and remember that all the Academy Salons team are ready to help with advice, ideas and recommendations for your party perfect hair.

If you would like to know more about how we can help book a consultation or drop in to any one of our salons.

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