Posted on 28th May 2019

The Best Hairstyles for Race Day 2019

Like a prize-winning thoroughbred, Race Day 2019 is galloping towards us and we can’t wait! Whether you’re heading to Ascot, Kempton, Sandown, or Epsom, Race Day is the perfect chance to get your glam on. From the perfect outfit to the ideal ‘do, we all know the fashion is really the mane event (sorry).

However, not every hairstyle is going to work on Race Day. For a stress-free day, you need a style that looks good and stays put whatever the weather.

Here are our top recommendations for the perfect Race Day hair:

The Donut Bun

Classic, simple, and sophisticated, the donut bun is the classy girl’s topknot. It suits every face shape and hair style, plus it’s simple enough to go with whatever you’re wearing.

Style tip: If your hair isn’t long or thick enough to form a donut shape by itself, ask your stylist to use a fake hair donut to wrap your hair round instead. These are light, comfortable, and give the illusion of gloriously thick tresses.

The Chignon

Unlike a donut bun, a chignon is worn at the back of the head, not on the top. Where donut buns are usually sleek and tidy, chignons look prettiest when undone – with loose tendrils framing the face nicely.

Style tip: Chignons can be knotted or twisted, voluminous or petite. Ask your stylist which type will most suit your face shape and stay put for the day.

Style it Loose

Who said that because it’s race day you have to wear an up-do style? Wearing your hair down can look just as glam, and even works as a nice alternative; depending on how many races you plan on attending! Why not stand out of the crowd with beautiful, long loose curls or a sleek and straight bob?

Maintenance tip: Frizz control and hairspray are your friends, avoid unwanted flyaway and frizz by keeping a little travel-size version of either one in your bag.


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Braided Bun

A more intricate take on the classic chignon, a braided bun can feature one large, twisted plait, or lots of little decorative ones. This is a great style if you’re going head-to-head with inclement weather, as the braiding will keep your hair tame and frizz-free.

Style tip: Braiding can be added to an up-do in a myriad of different ways, so this is a really fun chance for your stylist to be as creative as possible. Let them know how intricate or simple you’d like your style to be and then see what their imagination comes up with.

The French Twist

A super elegant hairdo to go with the most sophisticated of outfits, a French twist is created by twisting and pinning your hair back in on itself, so the ends are no longer visible. Think Cinderella at the ball and you’ll have the right idea for this graceful style.

Maintenance tip: This ‘do’ is going to take a lot of hairspray to keep it in place, so ask your stylist to use a spray with very strong hold. That being said, the French twist can also look pretty when loose and flyaway. So, if you like that vibe, you can leave it to loosen up during the day.


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If you’re looking for a stylist ahead of race day, we have salons across Surrey that can help find the perfect style for you. Simply find, contact or book online at your nearest salon, here.

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