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How to Repair Summer Hair

Thirsty hair is dull hair and after summer care is essential to repair the damage sun, sea and oily products can cause. We can show you how you can rehydrate your tresses just as we need to hydrate our bodies.

Conditioning treatments at the salon are a great way to pamper yourself when visiting your favourite stylist and to get things started you can now deep condition at home with the help of professional home products. Caviar replenishing moisture shampoo and conditioner is part of the Alterna range and will nourish and restore dry hair. Moisturised hair results in hair that has elasticity and is less likely to break especially when manipulated, combed or styled.

A balanced routine includes moisture which is a key feature in keeping your hair healthy. Using an excellent conditioner is the secret to a successful treatment; it should leave your hair feeling soft, detangled and moisturised. That feeling should remain long after the conditioner is washed off and while the hair is styled.

Combining products will always create fantastic results and Caviar Infinite Colour Hold Vibrancy Serum is a dual use booster and when combined with the shampoo and conditioner it becomes the hero in the trio. The serum will have your hair back to its captivating and glamorous look in no time at all offering a perfect home hair-care repair treatment.

Treatments start from £25 and the Caviar Indulgence Experience is now HALF PRICE for September at £45. Visit our salons page to get in touch or book your appointment. 

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